Our team of lawyers has significant experience advising clients and professional associations in several industries in Ecuador and abroad.

We have been in the oil and energy industry for more than 20 years. We have worked with all the actors in the sector, which has allowed us to understand the business from different perspectives and contexts.

Our experience has allowed us to strategically advise various multinational companies recognized worldwide as leaders in this industry. We have developed intervention projects that have generated an impact of public policies for the sector, improving the competitiveness of companies in the oil area. The importance of this industry for the development of our country has encouraged that in adherence to our professional values, we get involved to contribute in a participatory way in the different spaces of this industry.

We have a team of professionals who have been linked in legal advisory services to companies that are at the forefront of the international pharmaceutical sector.

We accompany our clients in their relationship with the different government entities, which due to their economic activity they must maintain. We have developed strategic projects with diverse activities such as the following:

  • Due diligence
  • Preventive advice
  • Procedural sponsorship
  • Accompaniment in administrative processes

Our team has participated in several projects and transactions of public recognition in the banking sector.

We support the strategic actors of the country’s financial dynamics to contribute to the processes that seek innovation in this industry. We accompany our clients in the banking sector not only in legal advice in their daily activities, but in litigation, administrative disputes, interactions with the public sector, regulatory processes, among others.

We know how the insurance industry works at the national and regional level.

Our clients have allowed us to venture into the legal advice of multinational insurers and reinsurers operating in the country for more than 10 years. We understand the complexities of the regulatory processes for this activity, as well as the challenges faced by the internal teams of these companies.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in legal advice to flower companies in the country. We understand that the export of flowers to Ecuador represents an important income to the Gross Domestic Product and internationally, this important activity positions us as one of the main flower exporters worldwide.

Our legal strategies focus on preventing legal risks for our clients, and increasing their competitiveness to boost their growth.

Our practice in the aviation and aerospace industry has the strongest team in Ecuador, and our expertise in the aeronautical and aerospace industry in Ecuador is both comprehensive and considerable.

Our lawyers have participated as experts in different multi-jurisdictional processes with an impact on opening markets and on the entry of the aerospace industry into Ecuador, providing comprehensive and critical legal advice to airlines and aviation services providers. Additionally, our practice in the aviation industry is particularly well-known given our proven track record and expertise in litigation processes in aviation matters, as well as in emergency response processes and crisis management both during accidents and incidents that occur in the aviation industry. Our extensive knowledge in aviation is the result of highly qualified team members who accredited by international bodies like the IATA and OACI.

Our team of lawyers has formed part of the national representation of the industry’s professional association in public policy development processes.

We have clients who are world leaders in the food and beverage industry, with whom we have developed strategic preventive projects to ensure the continuity of their businesses. DLL focuses on providing legal services on a national level under national legislation, which has enabled us to perform national regulatory audits at our client’s points of sale.

We have experience advising companies that work in the health industry.

Our team is very knowledgeable of the specific characteristics and requirements of hospital activities in Ecuador, allowing us to provide preventive advisory services in different critical areas, such as: labor, civil, corporate, among others. We have sponsored our clients in strategic meetings with public stakeholders involved in providing health services.

For many years, our team has worked on corporate mergers, strategic audits, and labor and regulatory consultancy for several companies in the automotive industry.

As in other cases, some DLL members have participated in industry-specific negotiation processes representing the automotive association of the country. We understand the productive chain involved in providing maintenance services and in the commercial activities of companies in this industry.

We have prepared Due Diligence reports that have proven to be technical support tools for our clients in decision-making and strategy processes.

Our team of professionals has participated in several projects and in managing representative operations in the hotel and tourism industry in Ecuador.

We support the stakeholders in this industry in making their operations more cost effective and competing with new, constantly-evolving business models in hospitality.

We are aware of the regulatory, operational and logistical challenges that the retail industry faces on a daily basis. We have a lot of experience providing tailored legal services to multiple companies that represent a significant percentage of end- consumer product distribution industry.

We know that different business areas form relationships based on the rights and obligations of multiple stakeholders. We help our clients address global trends from a national and international regulatory perspective.

We have experience in providing comprehensive consulting to the internal stakeholders of our clients’ companies.

Our country has a significant number of family-owned companies across different industries, which has allowed us to understand a broad spectrum of the challenges and opportunities facing these companies.

Our close relationships with companies in different industries has allowed us to become intimately familiar with the internal operations and structures of companies and the challenges they face in terms of corporate governance, structure.

We advise our clients in managing internal standards, principles and procedures that regulate the structure and operation of the governing bodies in their companies.

Our team of lawyers has provided high-profile national and international consultancy services with air, sea and ground transportation and logistics companies.

We are aware of the problems that arise in day-to-day operations, which allows us to provide preventive advisory services to our clients, who we consider strategic stakeholders in managing their businesses.

Our conviction in innovation has kept us very active in providing consultancy services to the technology industry.

We are aware of the importance that technological companies have to strategically promote innovation processes in the different areas they work in.

We provide legal and regulatory consulting services to them regarding the challenges that our clients face every day, given the breakneck speed that this industry moves forward in..