DLL is a law firm specializing in several areas of law and business management.

We use

that ensure that our clients

achieve preventive results

in corporate processes.

We have a skilled group of professional lawyers with extensive experience in different sectors and industries who are formally trained in many legal areas, as well as the support of experts in other professions such as economics, engineering, the environment, foreign trade, and conflict management and negotiation.



 We have policies that promote equal opportunities for all members of our organization. Equality in our remuneration model and career planning have been specifically designed to increase the size of our team.

Our lawyers share good practices by actively participating in important international groups that promote the development of women in law, such as: Mujeres líderes en aviación and Woman in Profesión WIP


We are involved in nation-wide projects that promote achieving the goals and objectives established by the United Nations – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We understand the importance that the private sector has in the sustainable productive development of the country. We support our clients by identifying the advantages found in implementing projects aligned with the SDG’s.


Our services are adapted to the megatrends arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We understand that innovation is the process of creating (inventing) new value, and delivering such value to the market. Therefore, as strategic partners of our clients, we add value to their proposals that is not only legal, but adds value to the business as a whole.


Our team includes professionals who have led important public processes and private projects whose purpose is to eradicate corruption and reinforce the values of the different stakeholders in our country. As part of our commitment to transparency, we have international standards in place that measure the quality of our service, guaranteeing that the way in which we carry out our activities is measurable and includes follow-up.